Photographer, Amsterdam
Photographer, Amsterdam

Hello! My name is Jane and I love taking pictures — my dream is to be printed in Vogue magazine. 

I make photoshoots in lifestyle, portraits genre and for photostocks

Photostock is a unique opportunity for me to create beautiful photoshoots with interesting people, learn new things and sell my work around the world. I am always striving to be better at photography by improving my skills.


That’s why I’m constantly looking for:  

— New models (any gender, age, ethnicity).  
— Interesting professions. Maybe you have a hobby that you are completely passionate about. Capturing you doing what you love is very inspiring!
— New locations. Coloured walls of a house in an alley, a chamomile field, futuristic neon streets, a cosy cafeteria hidden in the wilds of the city. 

 I would be glad to meet you and cooperate!

Photographer Evgeniya Moskova

Shooting conditions

Options for our cooperation to choose from

1. TFP (time for photo — my and your time in exchange for photography). 

We agree on shooting, thinking over your style, plotting, selecting wardrobe, and props, looking for a location or renting a photo studio. Payment for the photo studio — in half (negotiated). A prerequisite is the signing of a model release — this is an agreement between the model and the photographer, giving me the right to publish pictures with your participation. The duration of photography is from 1.5 hours. Ready photos with colour correction and minimal retouching I give within 2 weeks. Additional retouching of up to 5 shots is possible. 

2. Paid model work

Payment — 70 € for 2 hours of photo shooting, also I pay for renting of photo studio (in case of rent). The mandatory signing of the model release. In this case, I do not give the results of photography.

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